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European Corporate Companies in Search for Innovation

In the past few months I have been travelling to Europe several times, met with different market segments customers, and discussed some very interesting ideas with corporate representatives.

Couple of weeks ago Tukuoro attended Viva Technology event in Paris, after been selected by Valeo Automotive to present Tukuoro innovative voice layer as part of its Tech Lab – “Automotive 2025”.

Europe is strongly embracing innovation.

In this post I will share my thoughts and experience from Viva Tech, why I believe startups are playing a vital role and where are the opportunities for small companies (and for corporation).

There is nothing new with the notion that given the speed where new technologies emerges and disrupt existing practice, the corporate organizations all over the world invest a lot of thinking (and resources) to better understand how they should adopt and incorporate these new technologies, to help them grow, but more importantly, to keep them still relevant.

One simple evidence is the growing number of a new, usually executive, role with almost every corporate company – Head of Innovation.

Applying new approaches, practices and technologies require intentional effort from the corporate and is never easy, yet seems that there is a growing understanding within these organizations that they have to change or seize existing.

During Viva Technology event, which took place in June, 2017 in Paris, it became very clear to me that the quest for new technologies is genuine. The event was packed throughout all hours of the day, from 9am to nearly 8 pm.

Visitor kept coming, walking through the various vendors booth, labs and listening to different lectures. Though it was mostly French oriented, the entire event was in English, making all visitors and exhibitors from other places feeling very comfortable.

Though exhibiting within Valeo, an automotive vendor leader, Tukuoro had numerous conversations with customers and partners of different segments, from retail, to financial, to IoT, transportation and so many more.

Beyond the clear interest in Voice solutions through our conversation, it was my experience that the French visitors are ready to make business!

Factory Berlin

I had the same experience during the 3 days TLVWeek workshop in Berlin, last December. Tukuoro took part in 3 days of presentations, talks, workshops and keynote, in the fabulous Factory Berlin, aiming at bringing local German industry and business leaders, together with local and Israeli based startup founders – in the same place for direct, in formal talks about innovation.

During that event, we all witnessed the open approach for new ideas, innovative technologies and readiness for making changes, evaluating new concepts and making startup-vendors partnerships.

Similar atmosphere exist in other places in Europe, making it a great launch pad for every startup.

At Tukuoro, we believe that voice should be easily enabled and provide a great experience for the end users, anywhere they are. At home, in their car, when traveling to their next client visit, when generating report etc. reach out to us and learn how to make your user interface Voice Enabled.

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