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Solving Corporate Internal Communication Challenge 

Say it and you're done.

Tukuoro is an Israeli startup solving one of the biggest problems big enterprise organizations suffer from: challenging internal communication, which often results in missed business opportunities and overall inefficiency.


60% of sales updates are never entered into the CRM, on average. (CRM Market size is a $80B.)

Current Traction

Our successful traction of customers using Tukuoro technology includes global market leaders such as: Thales (France), Boehringer-Ingelheim (Austria) & Partner Communication (Israel). Our pipeline include companies of different segments, use cases and territories.


Founded by a team of professional individuals bringing decades of experienced combined from various technological expertise.

Contact our CEO

We would love to set up a call with you, to introduce our venture and discuss the opportunity.

Email Amir at: 


We are looking to raise $300K, on a pre money valuation of $3M.

Use of funds:

  • Sales & Marketing;

  • Further enhance our technology;

  • Growth;


 Proprietary algorithms developed to support the in-context processing approach of Tukuoro solution. Using Tukuoro, a user talks to the mobile app and all his valuable data is being processed and submitted to the appropriate data store, as designed during the quick setup.

Solution Architecture

What Our Clients Say


Partner Communications

"As a super-aggregator, we have identified that advanced voice search combined with the implementation of voice command capabilities in Hebrew, provide Partner TV customers the best and most complete user experience"

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